Pizza Eating Comp!! (was it hotter going in or coming out?)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Hey everybody peeps, this is the first blog I have ever done so please be kind. Yesterday (06/07/19) saw the annual Italian food festival in Peterborough. This was going to be a good day as the mighty BVEA were taking on the Powerful Peterborough Phantoms in the world record pizza eating competition.

10 brothers rocked up to face the challenge face it they did, there was blood, sweat and tears and that was just from the jalapeno's!

The stage was set, the pizza hot and the timer had begun. Joey the slimmest and greatest eater was like a horse out off the starting gate, one slice, two slice, three slice gone and 3min and 37secs later the new record was set.

So I guess the most important question we have for joey is, was it hotter going in or coming out?

see you all soon Much love and respect, see you on the flip flop!!


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